Liberty Event with Ed Shaw

Don’t forget: tomorrow night we’re meeting early (6:30pm) & heading out for a night with Ed Shaw! #forgecrew

Warning! Achtung!

we’re checking out a warning sign ⚠️ tomorrow night with the #forgecrew bonus points if you do a bit of recon for our weird warning sign trivia!

Forge Leader Planning

forgecrew leaders planning for term 3 & enjoying Sydney’s best burgers!!! 🍔


we’re off to onward tonight – 5:30pm at cherrybrook metro. bring your opal card & some $ for maccas, it’s gonna be a top night #forgecrew

Take a guess!

one of these little ones is giving the bible talk tonight at forge – guess which one? looking forward to seeing you tonight – there’s still plenty of time to invite a mate!


snr/crew post-hike high tea