8 Reasons Why Jesus Had To Die

why did jesus have to die? we’re diving into another one of the reasons tomorrow night: to make us holy and blameless

8 Reasons Why Jesus Had To Die

this term at forge we’re working through some of the reasons that the bible gives for why jesus had to die. we’re looking forward to getting into it with the forge crew tonight!

We’re back this Friday!

we’re back this friday! the forgecrew are kicking off the year with a night of water games + a bbq #getonit

It’s almost Christmas🎄

It’s almost Christmas🎄and we’d love you, the forge crew, to join us as we celebrate this week! Bring your family & get into a legit Christmas!

Forge Crew Christmas Pool Party

forgecrew christmas pool party to wrap up the year. this friday. get on it. #itsaboutjesus 🎄 download permission note here: https://stmarks.me/partay

We’re going to Flipout!

flipout tonight! 630pm at church. don’t forget:– permission note;– printed flipout waiver; &– $25.